Thinking about moving soon, or hoping to get ahead of the curve? When the time is “just right” for you, it’s helpful to know how to list your house quickly once you’ve decided you’re ready to sell, especially in a hot seller’s market.

Ah yes … so much easier said than done, right?

While there are plenty of optional tips for what goes into selling your house quickly, naturally some of selling real estate is out of our control. Given what sellers can actually influence, here are 5 favorite ideas to help you get your house on the market, pronto!

1. De-clutter, de-clutter, then de-clutter some more.

Houses appear larger when there’s less clutter and more storage space available. Need a good place to start? Try this one-day makeover: 5 Closet Solutions to Save Your Sanity.

If this comes naturally for you, then keep up the great work! Aim to bring your house to the level where you’re finally satisfied. And if de-cluttering simply isn’t your thing, now is a great time to enlist a friend (or hire a professional organizer) who knows how to work their way through a good checklist.

2. Simplify the furniture.

Do your best to streamline and remove any “extra” furniture that doesn’t flow or doesn’t really need to be there to show off the size and purpose of a room. Not only will it become easier to walk through your home, the home will “show” larger with less in it.

Note: This step might involve loaning a few pieces to a friend or placing them in a short-term storage facility before you move into your next house.

3. Make those easy changes.

When the goal is to list your house quickly, it’s probably not the ideal time for a major house renovation. But there are some relatively simple things to make your house appear less dated. For instance, you might be able to …

·  Replace light fixtures and/or light switch covers.

·  Freshen up the paint to give it a clean, neutral look.

·  Touch up any chipped paint on doorways, chair rails, etc.

·  Remove personalized pictures from your walls, then fix the nail holes and paint over them.

·  Clean and/or re-paint your front door.

4. Enhance the curb (and screen!) appeal.

Remember that the first thing a prospective buyer sees (whether in person or online) is the exterior of your home. Chances are, replacing all the windows and siding doesn’t need to be your top priority. But … you can put in the effort to do some basic upkeep: update fading paint on trim and shutters, trim any bushes, pressure-wash the sidewalk, driveway, and front porch, refresh the mulch, or plant some annuals. If your front door is outdated, consider replacing it. Spending a few hundred dollars now for a new, stylish door can potentially yield thousands later.

5. Work with a great realtor.

Having an experienced professional to help sell your home isn’t always required, but it certainly can help. Get their input on the best timing and strategic pricing for listing your home. Ask which market and decorating trends they see in your local area that could make the most impact on your house sale. Plus, utilize their expertise and network of service professionals to save you time and money in the long-run.

If you’re thinking about moving soon — whether to Pittsburgh, anywhere in western Pennsylvania, or even across the country — our George team is available for free consultations and would love to chat with you.