Image Courtesy of DigsDigs

Storage space (or the lack thereof) can be a make it or break it detail when you’re house hunting. But nowadays, there’s no need to turn down a near perfect home that’s skimps on closets. Whether you find an older home that’s low on storage space or your family eventually outgrows the closets you have, there are a few creative closet solutions that can help you stay sane and make the most of what you’ve got. 

Clothing Rack 

What to do if bedrooms are completely absent of closets? Think like the department stores and opt for a rack! Clothing racks are a great way to infuse a modern look and solve storage problems. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can make this solution look all your own. 


While cubbies might ordinarily make you think of a kindergarten classroom, don’t underestimate the power of a bookcase with storage cubes. For items that don’t need hung (think purses, sweatshirts, or bulkier items that would take up precious closet space), employ individual bins, baskets, or cube-shaped cubbies.

Creative Decor 

If you’re struggling to find space to store odds and ends, ask yourself if they really need to be hidden. Oftentimes, perfumes, purses, and jewelry are some of the loveliest items we own, but we stash them away. Utilize floating shelves or hooks to create a visual display that will be unique and convenient.

Under the Bed

Nothing glamorous to see here, but under the bed storage has come a long way and can be mighty convenient. From lofting your bed and implementing a drawer system to finding some standard rolling totes, you’ll be able to stash your stuff out of sight by capitalizing on this often forgotten space. A word to the wise: try to only store seasonal or infrequently used items so you’re not lugging things out daily.


For a look that’s reminiscent of a different era, a trunk at the foot of your bed might be the solution for you. Store bulky items which don’t easily stack on shelves; you’ll be surprised by how much you can store away.