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Thanks to, finding intel on cities is as easy as ever. Thanks to their new layer feature you can feel like a private investigator as you break-down city information to a very granular-level. Here’s some information find on their map layers now: Crime rates: You will notice they use a c...

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As life gets hectic, it’s important to have a place that helps you stay organized – especially during the holidays. A lot of people don’t but much thought into how a specific space could serve as a central command area for their family. If you have multiple kids and a working spouse, creating a comm...

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SmartAsset releases a study each year to determine which cities are the “Most Undervalued Cities in the U.S.” Last year (2016) Pittsburgh topped the list as the #1 most undervalued city and this year it ranked No. 3. Here’s why: Pittsburgh’s price per square feet is $82.08 vs. projections of $2...

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