As life gets hectic, it’s important to have a place that helps you stay organized – especially during the holidays. A lot of people don’t but much thought into how a specific space could serve as a central command area for their family. If you have multiple kids and a working spouse, creating a command area is a great way for everyone to visually see the schedule and get on the same page about the day, week and month.

Here’s what you need in order to create this space for your family:

·  A Spare Wall: It doesn’t have to be large, but big enough for the things mentioned below. It may even be a half wall off of your kitchen or next to a closet or even in your mudroom – get creative.

·  Your Family Calendar: This is a space to put your family calendar up so everyone can see the overall things going on month-by-month.

·  Homework Baskets: Have a paper basket for each kid, so they have a designated spot to put their papers. If you have forms you need to fill out, this could also go here in a separate folder (color code depending on who needs to act on the papers).

·  Key hanger: You can hang your important keys here so others are able to access things like the mailbox.

·  Weekly Menu: If you’re a meal planner, this may be a goo place for the weekly menu.

·  Clipboards: Clipboards can be used to change out things like “fall bucket list” or “family goals” – things that you would like to make seasonal or that change often.

·  Chore Charts: This is a great place to add chore charts to the mix.

·  Inspiration: Make your command center a place that’s fun – hang a chalkboard so you can mix up messages.