Thanks to, finding intel on cities is as easy as ever. Thanks to their new layer feature you can feel like a private investigator as you break-down city information to a very granular-level. Here’s some information find on their map layers now:

  • Crime rates: You will notice they use a colored scale to show you where there have been the most crime incidents in a certain city.
  • Schools: Not only do they have school rating information, but location data.
  • Commute: They allow you to pinpoint commute times from the central city center to see where the commute times are the highest.
  • Shop and Eat: You can see locations for places to shop and eat.
  • Affordability: This map layer includes things such as: median list price, median sale price, median sale price/square foot, estimated home value and median rental price per bedroom.
  • Stats: Stats include all city demographic information including:  median age, year of move-in, population with a college degree, etc.
  • Hazards: Shows things like earthquake intensity, flood zones, accumulated tornado energy and wildfire potential. Great things to know if you’re moving to tornado alley or an area that is known for being the epicenter for natural disasters.
  • Livewell: This layers in traffic volume, great places to play and care and essential information.

These layering properties can be found on most city maps and will allow you to really get a well-rounded view of a new city. You will be able to make a decision on exactly where you should move your family and you will have the data to back it up.

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