SmartAsset releases a study each year to determine which cities are the “Most Undervalued Cities in the U.S.” Last year (2016) Pittsburgh topped the list as the #1 most undervalued city and this year it ranked No. 3.

Here’s why:

  • Pittsburgh’s price per square feet is $82.08 vs. projections of $240.09
  • High scores in entertainment and dining establishments per 100,000 residents
  • Number of days with precipitation
  • Walk Score

Based on SmartAsset’s projections this year, Pittsburgh’s real estate offers $15 more value per square foot than last year. So, although it dropped to No. 3 – it’s value per square foot actually increased year-over-year.

SmartAsset’s per square foot value projections are based on a lot of different factors including a city’s:

  • Quality of life metrics
  • Home value per square foot
  • Violent crime rate
  • Number of extreme temperature days
  • Walkability

Topping the list this year was Charleston, SC and Augusta, GA. A few themes from this year’s report include the addition of Fort Collins and Augusta as strong newcomers, plus the fact that most big cities are over-valued.

If you’d like to check out the full report, you can visit SmartAsset.

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