When it’s time to make a move, there are a number of moving pieces that all need to align just so, in order to accomplish the goal of moving in to your new place on time. Yet what happens if the moving pieces don’t all line up perfectly on the calendar? That’s where a professional storage company could be the missing link you didn’t even know you need.

A few different scenarios where you might want to work with a storage company include:

-       Moving into a new home, when you have to wait a few weeks to close on your new house but need to vacate the existing home.

-       Storing items for a summer rental, while you finish school abroad, take a sabbatical, or work remotely in a new locale and make a move in the fall.

-       Finishing a new home improvement project that needs to have the furniture out of the home for several weeks to a few months, such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, adding a new addition, or even simply updating a great deal of flooring.

In the end, there are any number of reasons why you might need professional movers and/or a professional storage company such as George Moving and Storage. Here are some advantages to remember and help you maximize your storage experience.

1.    Minimize damage.

A full-service packing option from George Moving and Storage could also help you store valuables and heirloom items safely.

2.    Climate control.

Keep the water/ heat/ temperature elements damage to a bare minimum by moving all of your items into a climate-controlled environment that will safely protect your household goods. You can also access it directly at a later time.

3.    Additional security.

When your household belongings are under lock and key and 24/7 security, you can gain peace of mind that they’re safely stored.

At George Moving and Storage, we seek do-able solutions to all of you moving dilemmas. Whether you’re looking to move to Pittsburgh, planning to move locally, or simply want an investment property, George Moving and Storage has what it takes to make your next move a seamless success. And if you’re looking for a moving company or relocation services near Pittsburgh, southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, or eastern Ohio, we’d love to talk! At George Moving and Storage, we offer free estimates —in-person or virtually, based on your schedule. Just visit our website, or call us today at 1-800-810-2635.