If you’re moving to a different chapter in your life such as buying a new home or relocating for work, or simply looking to upgrade your existing space, hopping on the trend of an all-white bathroom could be the beginning of a beautiful monochromatic relationship.

Of course, an “all-white” bathroom doesn’t limit you to just one particular hue, but the idea is to still evoke serenity, calm, and cleanliness. Who wouldn’t want a bathroom with all of those elements — and more?

To empower you in making the most of your bathroom palette project, we’ve compiled five secrets to success for achieving that glorious all-white bathroom.

Texture is your friend.

Maintaining a clean and consistent look doesn’t have to be drab or boring. You can incorporate pops of texture on the walls, shower curtain, handles and knobs, or even the throw rugs. A classic shower bench or some funky tile works, too.

Singular features.

It’s OK to pick a single color to highlight or use in an accent wall. Keeping the notion of varying textures in mind, you might even find a patterned wallpaper to draw the eye. Worth noting, the accent color doesn’t have to be bright or bold. It could also be a muted earth tone to give off spa vibes galore. Or find a whimsical shower curtain with a subtle print.

Soak it in.

After a long day of moving here, there, and everywhere, relaxation is key. So go ahead and splurge on the statement soaker tub that allows you to showcase the signature piece and focal point of the room — especially since there are so few colors competing for its attention.

Wrap it up.

Invest in some luxurious all-white towels you can easily display if you want to soften the look and add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Be intentional about your hand towels, too, as you think about the overall style and feel of the bathroom.

Add some artsy elements.

This is another opportunity to maintain a consistent look. By adding black and white art, photography, line art, or sketches, you can distinguish the room from other spots in your home or even incorporate some humor and personality for your guests.

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