It happens to the best of us. Life happens, we connect and grow and live, and then suddenly we accumulate all the stuff. If you’ve ever thought about moving an entire household — or you’re close to moving again soon — then you know full well that there is probably a lot of sorting and de-cluttering to be done prior to the big moving day.

Yet just how is that best accomplished?

With some extra planning and a generous heap of persistence, purging your house is something that actually can be done.

Step One: Determine your priorities.

Are you hoping to de-clutter and live with more mental and physical bandwidth in your home? Planning to list your place soon? Wanting to down-size in the near future? Set your goals to help you prioritize what really matters in the process.

Step Two: Begin somewhere.

Starting small might help you to break the process into bite-size, do-able chunks. But more importantly, begin somewhere. Anywhere. Whether you start with a drawer or a dresser, a corner or a closet, that initial inertia of getting started will help you gain confidence in what you’re doing and inspire you to keep going.

Step Three: Remove the emotions.

Easier said than done, right? This step might entail enlisting a friend or even a paid organizer to help you tackle areas where you’re more prone to being sentimental, feeling guilty, or emotionally triggered. Some experts suggest this is the “get ruthless” stage to see real transformation.

Step Four: Sort your belongings into categories.

There are a few ways to approach this, but a basic choice is picking out what to sell, donate, recycle, or keep. (You’ll probably want to find a friend or a partner to help hold you accountable to getting rid of whatever you decide to donate or recycle!)

Step Five: Repeat. And enjoy.

Keep repeating this process until you work your way through each room in the house. Eventually, you’ll clear the whole place. Now sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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