Summertime is in full bloom, which means it’s prime time for our outdoor decks and patios to strut their stuff. Not only can patios provide the chance to relax while we enjoy quality time with family and friends, they’re also a great way to extend a home’s square footage without even having to move.

What are some fool-proof ways to show off some inspired patio designs? We’ve compiled a few of our favorites, here.

The Three-in-One
This patio is a fabulous way to offer mini-spaces for different functions. Whether you’re grilling, want to watch sports, or eat dinner, a 3-in-1 patio has a built-in place for everything. The custom bar is within eye’s view of the grill and TV. Throw in some cozy outdoor couches for a casual place to dine and entertain to complete the look.

Earth, Wind, and Fire: Add Some Elements
With some creativity, you can showcase water, wind and fire to become the focus of the space. A bubbling fountain offers beauty for the eyes and ears, a firepit brings earthy warmth for the senses, and open-air elements provide a feeling of being closer to nature.

Swinging Sensation

Add a classy porch swing or even a swinging hammock that allows a space for lounging, reading or entertaining. Be sure to look for a swing that is wide enough to allow for afternoon naps or lounging with drinks with friends.

Pool Your Resources

Craft a beautiful space which offers in-water seating at the pool bar, while making the pool appear to serve as an artistic piece that surrounds the patio and bar — brilliant!

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