As the weather changes and spring selling season kicks into full gear, if you’re hoping to move and wish to capitalize on the spring market, then it’s important sellers know what will help their homes stand out in a hot market. What makes the difference? We’ve got some tried and true tips for you.

Many veteran realtors know that this time of year is key for busy families on-the-go to navigate moving around the school schedule, while also timing future moves for better weather throughout southwestern Pennsylvania — and across the USA. What are the keys to success?

1.    Work with a great real estate agent.

Finding a reputable realtor can be as simple as asking a few friends, but also might involve a more extensive search via social media groups, online reviews, and in-person interviews. Be sure to find someone who is comfortable giving you constructive criticism, as this person can advise you in listing your existing home to make it look the most favorable to prospective buyers.

2.    Keep your home’s price competitive.

Although real estate trends suggest that the hot sellers’ market has cooled somewhat, the reality is buyers are still willing to pay top dollar when they find the right property. However for a quick sale, some sellers will price their home on the lower side. Use comparable home sales, or “comps” to help determine what the going rate is for similar-sized homes in your neighborhood.

3.    De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.

This essentially means intense spring cleaning. Nobody wants to move their excess junk. And not surprisingly, nobody wants to buy it, either. So sort it and then store it, toss it, or give it away to someone or an organization who can put it into better use. If you’re moving a larger household, short-term storage is another option to help hold your stuff before that actual moving day arrives.

4.    Get your home repairs done.    

If it’s been on the “back-burner” list for a while, now is the time for you to focus on fixing any side issues that you’ve been meaning to tackle. Another option is to schedule a home inspection on your house, even before it’s officially listed. This way, you’ll know what counter measures might need to be addressed before there’s an offer on the table.

5.    Improve your curb appeal.

While it’s natural to pay attention to what’s happening inside the home, the home’s exterior is equally important. So go ahead and paint that door, plant the flower beds, and move out any unnecessary debris or random items that don’t declare “welcome home” to a prospective buyer.

6.    Utilize the power of social media.

When you’re moving or selling your place, social media is your new best friend — from researching design trends to looking at comps to online real estate tools. And outside curb appeal isn’t the only area to focus on. First impressions mean a lot, and they usually happen via local internet searches. Be sure to update your virtual “screen appeal” as well whenever trying to market your property.

What happens if you’re the buyer in a seller’s market? Trying to navigate that process can be a challenging process as well. We’ve got you covered, here.

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