It sure is tough to beat the pure relaxation feeling one has after visiting a spa or a luxurious retreat. However … what if it’s possible to have that blissful feeling every day, even from home? (And not only does it save you money, but whenever company visits, your guests could feel that way, too!)

Did you know the average adult spends more than 180 hours per year in the bathroom? Why not make the most of it by crafting a budget-friendly spa in your own home? Here are a few keys to make a stress-free home spa experience come to life:

  1. Scents matter.

Citrus fruits — like lemons and oranges — have a good “clean” scent to them, or you might want to opt for a more calming fragrance like lavender or vanilla. Additionally, adding candlelight brings out the soothing, relaxation spa vibes. Using candles or diffusers can help put you into a positive mood and even evoke sweet memories.

  1. Incorporate bath sheets.

Forget basic bath towels. Full-size bath sheets are the epitome of luxury. Plush, thick, oversized bath sheets are typically quite affordable — and available in a wide variety of colors.

  1. Add in some natural materials.

Bring in a bit of nature and organics to your spa-like experience. A few ideas to try: sea sponges and natural loofahs, sea shells, and river stones.

  1. Try fresh eucalyptus.

It’s possible to get fresh eucalyptus from a local grocery or craft store. Simply bunch it into a few leaves at a time, then let it run under the water or your showerhead for that fresh “I’ve been to the spa” feeling — each time you hop into the shower.

  1. Organize and de-clutter the little stuff.

Prioritizing the configuration and de-cluttering in a bathroom goes without saying for those who love to organize. However, for those who simply tolerate purging and cleaning out drawers, having a cleaner bath area will feel more welcoming to both guests and family members alike.

  1. Roll your towels.

Help your entire family feel extra special with fresh, fluffy towels that are rolled and expertly placed in a basket or towel rack.

  1. Add some plants.

Try displaying plants from the ceiling in plant hangers or on wall shelves to keep your counters accessible and floors clean. This also helps the plants to stay in full view of beneficial light.

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