After enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to dream about hosting family and friends again soon. Perhaps you were traveling and benefited from some amazing hospitality. Or maybe you’re pining for loved ones to come and stay with you a while in and around Pennsylvania. Whatever the reason, having a designated place to help guests relax and feel welcomed as they stay overnight is a wonderful way to spend some extra special time with people you care about the most.

What are some easy ways to help your company feel that extra special TLC touch? Here are some of our favorite must-haves for creating the ultimate guest room.

1.    The basics.

There’s something to be said for clean, crisp sheets and extra fluffy towels, which can go a long way to help your company feel cherished and loved. You can often find great deals this time of year during post-holiday and January white sales.

2.    Sufficient lighting.

Try to think about night lights, reading lamps, and desk light spaces when you envision how your guests will enjoy their time in the room. Hallways and bathroom lights could also benefit from extra floor lights to guide their path in the dark.

3.    Colorful flowers.

Grab the fresh bouquet from a grocery, pick up a few stems from your local florist, or snip some fresh flowers from your own garden. Then simply add a cute ribbon that ties into the season, paired with a mason jar, and call the inviting look in the room a win.

4.    Extra space.

Nobody likes to travel and end up in a teensy tiny room where you’re scrambling for space, so clear out a drawer or two, empty the closet for storage (but leave some hangers!), remove the clutter from the nightstand, and consider a small luggage rack so guests don’t have to unpack from their suitcase.

5.    Get wired.

Maybe it’s an alarm clock so they can tell the time in the dark. Or an electronic charging station, USB outlet(s), portable charging cords, or a small Bluetooth speaker to help your guests feel at ease and connected. A laminated card with the Wi-Fi sign-in could also be nice. Finally, if your guest bed doesn’t have an outlet nearby, consider placing an extension cord or surge protector next to it on the floor.

6.    Toiletries.

It happens to the best of us — we forget something essential while we’re moving about. Try to go the extra step and think of whatever a guest might need, in order to avoid a last-minute stop at the drug store on the road. You might try a basket with a few key items such as: a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, travel-size deodorant, a razor, cotton balls, Q-Tips, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, and a small sewing kit.

7.    Personal touches.

Try using a chalk board or a glass frame with a dry-erase marker for a Welcome note to your company. Depending on how well you know your guests, you could also add a personal photo — or for a big wow factor, gift some new pajamas in just the right size.

If you’re planning to host company in your new home or you’re considering a local move or even across the country, George Moving & Storage is here to help you plan a stress-free move. Contact us today to start the conversation or get a free quote.