If there’s one area that people love to dream about updating, it’s the kitchen. Whether you channel your inner Joanna Gaines, tackle that Love It or List It wish list, or fantasize about winning a fabulous HGTV vacation home, having a kitchen that does it all is a dream come true.

Much has been written about design and style trends to incorporate when you’re planning to move to a new home, or looking renovate or update an existing kitchen. But what are some recent trends to try and avoid?

Real estate executives from around the country have weighed in, and here are some features experts say to try to steer clear of in the kitchen in 2022.

1.    Dark granite countertops.

Once upon a time, granite was king. But no more. Today’s kitchens tend to have lighter colors and feel — think white quartz, marble, concrete, or concrete look-alikes, and wood if you want to ditch the early 2000s vibe. For more quartz-related color suggestions, head here. Another option: To save money for a similar look, choose a laminate surface that mimics a quartz or marble feel.

2.    All-white kitchens.

Since the all-white kitchen aesthetic appears to be waning, recent color trends are seeing people turn to whimsical colors on painted cabinets, warmer hues on the walls, and wood or stone accessories.

3.    Open shelving.

If you’re a meticulously clean homeowner, then open shelving might be something for you to keep around. But for many of us, having closed cabinet doors can hide a multitude of household goods and ingredients. If you’re hooked on this trend, design experts suggest you try to use it sparingly or consider glass cabinet doors.

4.    Completely open kitchens.

The increase in work-from-home employees has brought new space and place needs to many office workers. Finding designated spaces and “zones” to prep, eat, and entertain can be helpful during weekdays as well, when it’s time to work or relax apart from other family members or roommates living with you. (That being said, completely closed-off kitchens have gone the way of the avocado appliances they once housed.)

5.    DIY backsplashes and cabinets.

Sure, sometimes it can save some money or add a little personality to the room, but kitchen DIYs are considered a no-no for sellers listing their homes or anyone hoping to increase their resale value. Whether that’s painting oak cabinets when you’re trying to hide the grain of the wood or installing a colorful backsplash, try opting for the brand-new cabinets or working with a local kitchen designer to stay on-trend and under budget.

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