“It’s definitely a hot market right now!”

“We had three offers over asking!”

“We made an offer on 10 different houses, but missed out on all of them!”

If you’re looking to buy a house or an apartment this spring, perhaps you’ve already heard some of these sentiments recently.

With the growing demand and limited supply for housing in real estate markets like Pittsburgh and around the U.S.A., securing the home you want might prove to be a challenge.

So how can you keep the quest for moving into your dream home from turning into a nightmare? We’ve identified some of the keys to success in getting that offer accepted, from real estate pros around the country.

1.    Get prepared to move quickly & have your financials in order.

For many years, having a lender pre-qualify you for a loan was considered a courtesy or bonus step to show that you’re in a solid financial position to purchase a new home.

But in today’s market if you need financing, you’re going to not just want a pre-qualified letter, but likely should secure a full mortgage approval. You’ll want to document your readiness for a down payment as well. This can help show that there won’t be any financial hiccups along the way and should minimize any contingency worries.

If you also need to sell your current home, especially if you have excellent credit, then consider either applying for a bridge loan or waiting until your current home is under contract before you make an offer on something new. (Worth noting … if you’re working with a full-service relocation company, they might be able to help wave the existing home-sale contingency, since the relocation corporation will usually make a reasonable offer on your home if it doesn’t sell quickly.)

Additionally, now might also be a good time to get a local or long-distance moving company quote, so you know how to factor that into your overall moving budget and can tentatively schedule an optimal moving day for your schedule.

2.    Make the best offer you can.

Since many homes are going for above asking price, it’s key to leave enough room to negotiate. This might mean looking at homes that are below — or possibly even well below — what your lender says you can afford, just to allow enough wiggle room in the offer to come up with a price you can truly afford.

To stand out in a seller’s market some homebuyers are waiving certain contingencies or changing the way they’re handled. For example, perhaps you waive the inspection contingency (which lets you out of the contract if there are any significant problems disclosed), but … you still pay to have it done so you ensure you’re getting a home in good working order or you’re at least better prepared to handle any issues after you  move in.

3.    Widen your search criteria.

Whether that means casting a wider net geographically (especially if your job lets you work remotely) or looking at a broader number of homes on the market, putting your house-hunting “eggs” in multiple baskets can help increase your odds of finding the best place for you to afford and enjoy. For some buyers, this means having to walk away from a home that doesn’t check all your boxes or that simply isn’t meant to be.

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