Since many of us are spending more time at home these days, having a bathroom that looks and feels the way you want it to look not only has the potential to bring you joy, but can even increase your home’s value or appeal to a potential buyer if you’re planning to sell your place and move soon.

Some people might be looking to increase storage, incorporate some cool technology, or save on water expenses. Whatever your reason, the bathroom is the place where you go at the start of your day so you deserve to enjoy it!

According to the home improvement website Angi, the average cost for a bathroom remodel in the U.S. is just under $11,000. Keep in mind this is an average cost, and merely updating paint colors and finishes will run well under that price.

We waded through a multiple of surveys, realtor recommendations and home design posts, and here are our favorite bathroom trends to watch for in 2022 (and beyond) — in no particular order. And knowing what other people are doing in their bathrooms might help you decide what to do with yours.

Trend #1: Updated Sinks and Touchless Faucets

According to the Houzz 2021 bath trends report, released in October, faucets are the most popular bath upgrade, with sinks seeing more changes since the year before. As simple handwashing becomes more and more of a priority, touchless faucets are growing in popularity as well.

Trend #2: White is Still the Lead Choice, But Colors are On the Rise   

For sinks, countertops, shower walls, and non-shower walls, white still leads the way, based on recent Houzz survey. However, designers note that warmer colors, wallpaper, and patterns are making a comeback. Blue bathroom vanities are also on the rise, compared to past years. (Here’s one to try.)

Trend #3: Organic Style

Organic style places an emphasis on natural materials, warm and earthy colors, and a plethora of plants. This style emerged as a major theme in 2020 and has since become the top bathroom style (up from third) in 2021, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) 2022 Design Trends Report. Earthy greens, stand-alone tubs, and monochromatic color schemes also play a role.

Trend #4: Integrated Technology

Watch for increased popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets, as technology continues to influence bathroom designs for added comfort and efficiency. Digital, wall-mounted interfaces, mobile apps, tech-savvy controls for showers and lighting, and heated flooring topped NKBA's 2022 bath technology trends.

Trend #5: More Types of Furniture

Furniture-like pieces in the bathroom can help promote mental health and prolonged self-care. This might include vanities made from vintage dressers and cupboards, upholstered vanity chairs, and tub side tables that encourage you to relax, slow down, and linger a bit as you make more time for yourself.

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