For many people, moving into a new home can feel pretty daunting — whether it’s “just” a local move or halfway across the country. It’s easy to find ourselves second-guessing our decisions, focusing on a slew of last-minute details, or convincing ourselves that we can muscle through whatever comes our way with just a little more grit and determination.

But what if … there be a better path forward to create a stress-free moving day? Yes, with some careful thought and a little planning, it’s entirely possible!

Which leads us to … our Top 10 best ideas to make for a stress-free moving day:

1.    Aim for one last good night of sleep in your own bed. Even if you simply pare down the bedding to only essentials, getting one last night of rest could also make for clearer thinking, a better mood, and more energy on the big day.

2.    Pack those small valuables yourself. Before anyone shows up that day, including a realtor, utilities service personnel, or your movers, pack your special valuables, and then keep track of them during the whole moving process. It’s a good idea to maintain a list of exactly what is stored, and where.

3.    Keep the non-moving items in a separate place that specifies which things need to stay in place. If there are any large furniture items that should stay, be sure to let the moving company know. For example, a bookcase the new owner wants to enjoy, custom window treatments, major appliances, etc.

4.    Be present on Moving Day. Although there’s really no need to give professional movers advice, they might have questions for you throughout the day, and it’s helpful when you’re around to answer them directly.

5.    Secure parking nearby. Be sure to clarify the (legal!) parking options with your movers upfront. This is especially important if you live in an apartment complex, a condominium, or on a busy street.

6.    Clear out your perishable food, and if you haven’t already, remember to defrost your freezer and refrigerator(s), too. Whether you pack a cooler or donate any food remnants to a friend, clear out the items that the next occupants don’t need (or want).

7.    Try to unplug any appliances or electronics which you plan to move with you — at least 24 hours in advance. One suggestion is to capture what they look like in a picture so you can easily reconfigure them in your new place.

8.    Pack a bag of essentials to transition into your new place. This could include a phone charger, a portable speaker, a small tool kit, or essential paperwork for your current home or the new place.

9.    Plan ahead for kids and/or pets. Especially for younger children, remember they might not enjoy watching all of their prized possessions loaded onto a truck. Try to plan ahead for how best to care for them — in the loving care of someone you trust, or with a goodie box of fun things to help keep them preoccupied nearby.

10. Keep some basic cleaning supplies. Certain items like paint, bleach, and lighter fluid will need to stay behind (or donate them), but you might also want to keep a small box of cleaning supplies (e.g., window spray, paper towels, and 409 cleaning spray) to polish off your place one last time.

For more suggestions to help you minimize stress and maximize success on your moving day, including which items not to move with you, contact us at 1-800-810-2635. At George Moving & Storage, we have over 40 years of experience as Pittsburgh movers who also serve eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. Contact us to learn more or for a free quote today.