There’s so much to say about Pittsburgh neighborhoods, that we broke this series down into two parts. To check out the Top 3 neighborhoods, check out our last  blog. Let’s continue with Niche’s top neighborhoods by rank, here are the neighborhoods that took fourth, fifth and sixth place.

1.  Point Breeze:

Located just east of downtown, Point Breeze was giving an A+ niche rating, with only a few drops in grade for cost of living, jobs and weather – which pulled in a sad “C”.

Locals love that it’s located next to one of the largest parks in the city and has a strong sense of community. It’s been described as a good place for families with easy access to stores and shopping.

2.  Shadyside:

Located just a little northeast of downtown, Shadyside also tops the list as one of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Depsite it’s low score for cost of living, weather and housing. It shines with its excellent public schools, family friendliness, outdoor activities, nightlife, diversity and commute times.

Locals comment on it’s location in relation to bus stops, night life and universities. Because of it’s proximity to the University of Pittsburgh, it’s a great place for grad students or young families. You may want to make sure your place comes with a parking spot because it’s mentioned that street parking can be difficult to find.

3.  Point Breeze North:

Located east of the city, Point Breeze is an excellent place to call home. The neighborhood received all A and B ratings, except for its grade for weather, which is an unfortunate symptom of PA’s geographical location.

Locals boast about the neighborhood’s safety, beautiful Westinghouse Park, unique restaurants and shop access. For more information you can visit Niche.

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