Did you know one of the top questions people ask about living in Pittsburgh? What are the BEST neighborhoods? And, even though “best” can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, we are going to do our best to answer this question by using Niche’s scoring/rating system. Based on reviews and ratings from Niche, here the hot list for best ‘hoods in PA.

1.  Regent Square:

Topping the list, Regent Square is holding the first place spot with an A+ Niche Grade. See below for its full report card.

People love Regent Square because it’s diverse and friendly. Locals rave about Braddock because it’s a great place eat, get your haircut, do yoga, grab a movie or groceries. The parks are also a favorite and people with pets feel extra welcomed. For the full run-down, check out Niche.

2.  Squirrel Hill North:

Coming in at a close second, this neighborhood was given an A+ rating. Some of the downfalls include cost of living and weather, but all other factors rated a B or above.

Locals comment on the low crime rate and feeling safe. They also enjoy the walkability – being able to easy walk to schools, shops, restaurants and parks. For the total dish, you can check out Niche.

3.  Squirrel Hill South:

Coming in third behind it’s northern counter-part – Squirrel Hill South also received an A+ Niche rating for best neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Locals boast about the character of the houses, walkability, easy commute times and the beauty of the residential streets. It was also mentioned that the prices are fairly low for the location, so you could find a good deal if you’re on the lookout. One resident says that Squirrel Hill South also has some of the best views of downtown. For a full run-down visit Niche.

Stay tuned as we continue part 2 of our best neighborhood series! If you have a comment about any of the neighborhoods below, please leave them below.