Whenever you’re moving to a new home, it takes a considerable amount of one’s time, energy, and resources to make everything run smoothly. What are the areas that are worthy of spending your limited time and budget? We’ve got you covered on the five key areas to focus on spending during a move.

1. Get more than one written estimate.

You can start with an in-home or virtual estimate. Better yet, try to secure three estimates from different moving companies. From there, choose the professional moving company that best suits your budget and needs. Try to have them provide a detailed outline of exactly which services will be offered and the time it will take. If possible, show them everything that needs to be moved. Include “hidden” items in every closet, the garage, basement storage, and attic areas to get the most accurate quote.

2. Hire professional movers.

Movers within Pennsylvania must be licensed by the Public Utility Commission and are required to have insurance coverage. If your move is taking you across the Pennsylvania border, make sure your mover is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

3. Use the right packing materials.

Use high quality boxes in different sizes. This includes smaller boxes for heavy items, and larger boxes for light items. Have a packing tape dispenser ready with heavy-duty tape to easily assemble and close your boxes. Use blank wrapping paper or paper towels, instead of newspaper, as the news ink could rub off on your items.

4. Plan ahead for moving day.

Planning ahead is the key to any successful move! This involves using up or giving away a slew of items, from food to cleaning supplies, to unused toys and clothes. Be sure to arrange for someone to look after pets and young children on the actual day of the move. Lastly, be prepared to adjust the temperature in the house with extra fans or space heaters — since the doors will be open most of the day.

5. Label your boxes properly.

If you’re packing yourself, use a color-coded system for each room with varying Duck Tape colors on each. For instance, Red for the Kitchen, Green for the Primary Bedroom, Blue for the Family Room, etc. You can also label each box according to its priority for opening: e.g., A for first, B for second, C for last.

While it’s important to save time and money, sometimes focusing on the right things today can help you avoid problems or headaches later.

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