Trying to sell a home? Then you realize it’s important for homes to be current with the trend to pick a style that buyers will love. And if you’re buying or remodeling a new house, what are some decorating things to avoid? Here’s a partial list from of what’s hot, and what’s not.

WHAT’S IN: Integrated Hardware.

WHAT’S OUT: Oversized Pulls

Seamless looks help add a calming effect, and add to a minimalist design. Look for streamlined, integrated hardware, and try to avoid clunky refrigerator handles or clunky painted hardware on cabinets.

WHAT’S IN: Environmentally Friendly Fireplace

WHAT’S OUT: Conventional Wood-Burning and Gas Fireplaces

The beauty of a newer fireplace is that it can literally be plopped down in any room of the house, according to Jenny Dina Kirschner of JDK Interiors., as they are easy and cost-effective to install. Additionally, compared to conventional fireplaces, they create minimal CO2 emissions and typically don’t require added ventilation.

WHAT’S IN: Bold Monochromatics

WHAT’S OUT: Pale Monochromatics

Gone are the days of pale-colored rooms (think all taupe, gray or white walls and furniture). Don’t be afraid to add some personality or excitement with bold accent or singular colors. “Monochromatic does not have to be pale. Colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way that’s full of personality and elegance,” says Johathan Rachman of Decorist.

WHAT’S IN: Layering Old and New

WHAT’S OUT: Perfection

Mixing and matching old and new brings rooms to life — and it helps tell your (and your home’s) personal story. According to Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates, more people are opting toward well-worn pieces and don’t mind small scratches on 100-year-pld stone. “It makes them feel at ease with how they function in their own homes because nothing is too precious.”

WHAT’S IN: Dark Painted Doors

WHAT’S OUT: Standard White Doors and Trim

Interior doors in a rich, dark color adds an artistic element to the room, plus a fun personality. That’s good news for homeowners who don’t like to constantly keep the all-white look looking fresh, and it makes for the opportunity to create a dramatic statement.

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