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While it may not be the easiest time to sell your home, we can’t always design our perfect timeline. One of the workarounds realtors have implemented during the pandemic is virtual home touring. And while these tours may be the answer to your home selling prayers, there are extra considerations you’ll want to think about. 

Staging your home, for example, has always been a key point of selling, but it’s proving to be more important now than ever. If you’re at a loss for adjustments you should be making for a virtual tour of your home, check out these top five, realtor-approved staging tips, sure to make your home stand out.

#1 – Light and Bright

Whether we are talking pre-pandemic or post, lighting will always be a highly recommended point of consideration for staging a home to sell. The trick now is considering how light affects the cameras capturing your interior. Mid-day is best for photos or videos; open curtains and blinds to let the light pour in. You can also turn on lamps and other soft lights as long as they don’t create shadows or an artificial look. 

#2 – Color Considerations

Once again, cameras will be doing all the work for you, and most potential buyers will be viewing your home from a screen. Any dark colored walls will automatically shrink the size of the room on camera. Opt for a light neutral color throughout the home which will give a more spacious feel.

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#3 – Embrace Hygge

Though this Danish word refers to the comfortable feel of an environment, you can still capture a sense of coziness for people viewing your home from their computer screens. Gather your plush throw pillows and blankets and make them neatly visible. Adorn your front doorstep with a double layered welcome mat and inviting chairs. The key is to be intentional, and to create a feeling that calls out to your viewers.

#4 – Open It Up

Because you’ll have a camera acting on behalf of the people who would normally tour your space freely, you’ll have to be proactive about small or awkward spaces. If you have an under-the-stair nook, transform it now to a space that is usable (and visible). The same goes for closets: store less and store neatly. Achieving an open, airy feel of your space isn’t as easy with a camera alone, so leaving doors open throughout will only help your cause.

#5 – Set the Tone

When you tour a home in person, rarely do you skip out halfway through, but tours done virtually mean potential buyers don’t have to stick around if they’re really unimpressed. You’ll want to make sure you set the right tone immediately, beginning at your front door. Consider the color of your front door, the tidiness and attractiveness of the porch and any furniture, and what feeling the space inspires. 

Virtual Tour Success

No matter the industry, new measures are being sought out to ease COVID-19 trepidation. But that doesn’t mean you should fear selling your home during this time. Follow some simple staging steps, and you’ll be on your way to selling your home in no time.