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No matter the time of year or circumstances, moving requires careful planning and attention to logistical details. Our world’s current situation poses a few extra hurdles, however, and if you have a move planned which can’t be rescheduled, you may be wondering how to pull off relocating amidst social distancing. Here are some tips which will help keep you and everyone else involved safer.

Observing Restrictions

First, you’ll want to check that recent travel restrictions aren’t going to affect your plans. Depending on your new location, this may mean checking details locally as well as farther away. 

Gather the Right Gear

While your movers are likely to come prepared, it’s wise to have CDC approved disinfectants at the ready. Have hand soap, sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes available for you and the moving crew members. However, experts advise caution on depending on gloves. They act as yet another surface the virus can be transferred onto and from and give a false sense of security. Proper handwashing and avoiding touching your face remain the best options.

Prepare for Movers

Before movers arrive, tend to details that will aid in a safe move. Open up cabinets and drawers in order to limit the number of times they’ll be touched. Disinfect knobs, handles, and other surfaces movers will have to touch. Plan for one or as few family members as possible to greet and interact (while social distancing) with the moving crew.

Disinfect before Unpacking

Once you arrive, deep clean and sanitize your new space. You can follow the CDC’s Household Cleaning and Sanitizing recommendations to make sure you get the job done right. As you go, don’t forget to clean high-touch items like remotes, phones, etc.

Stock up

Filling up your new pantry and refrigerator will take some extra consideration in light of social distancing and grocery store limitations. Plan ahead if possible and utilize grocery delivery to your new residence.

Call the Experts

It’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re putting your move into the hands of true professionals. Contact George Moving and Storage today to hear more about the precautions we’re taking to promote health and safety. And no matter when your move takes place, we’ll be sure to make it as stress-free and seamless as possible.