Over the past few years, kitchen islands have become nearly ubiquitous, proving to be one of the most popular additions during remodels. While they can serve as lovely focal points and informal gathering places, there’s a lot to be considered before committing. Here are some need-to-knows before plunging in!

Traffic Flow

Obviously, the installation of a large rectangular object is going to change the traffic pattern in your kitchen. Don’t just think about the walking space, though. Open all existing cabinet doors when measuring and considering the addition of an island. You’ll want to make sure you have more than “just enough” room to squeeze by.

Feature Choices

If you’ve done the measuring and have decided to greenlight an island installation, now it’s time for the fun part! Depending on your budget, there are endless kitchen prep features and custom designs to consider. You’ve undoubtedly dreamt of the extra storage space, but you can also incorporate a second sink, wine chiller, pull out trash can, and so much more. 

Materials Matter

If you’re new to renovations, you might be surprised just how many options you have when it comes to countertop materials for your island. Your choice will greatly influence the look and feel of your entire kitchen based on which you choose, so consider the pros and cons of multiple surface types. 

For a modern look with plenty of durability, granite might be your best bet, while a  well-sealed butcher block countertop will give a totally different vibe. Whether you go with granite, quartz, butcher block, limestone, laminate or a different material depends of course on your budget, but also on how you see yourself using your space.

The kitchen is often thought of as the most used room in the home, and the addition of an island could change how that looks for you and your family. Whether you’re after more countertop space, seating, or storage, consider all the functionality and design options before committing, and then if you decide to take the plunge, enjoy the island life!