Congrats! You did it. You packed up your entire life into countless boxes and relocated everything you own. But now, what’s to come of all those moving boxes? Break them down to form a gigantic pile in the garage? If you’re up for a creative solution, check out these unique ways you can use all those boxes after you’ve moved.

1. DIY Drawer Dividers

Sure, drawer dividers can definitely be found from your favorite organizational outlet, but why buy when you can DIY, especially when it’s this easy? With a few snips and a quick measure (you want to be sure the dividers fit snugly), you can have your drawers divided into neat little compartments by using material you already had lying around.

2. Pet Palace

You’ve seen the videos of cats losing their minds over cardboard boxes, so it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to envision how a moving box can easily be turned into a hideaway for your furry friend. Upcycle those containers and give your four-legged friends their own space in your new home.

3. Gift Tags

Creating tags for gift-giving with leftover cardboard is super simple and will lend a rustic, minimalistic touch to your packages. Cut out the perfect size tag, punch a hole, and thread twine or yarn through. Voila!

4. Postcards

Maybe it’s our fast-paced world these days, but there’s a certain amount of charm that comes along with sending and getting snail mail. Use your recent move and leftover boxes as an opportunity to send out your updated address or an invitation to a housewarming. 

5. Homemade Halloween

If the price tags on store-bought costumes are enough to make you feel ill, this is the tip for you. Anything boxy—transformers, racecars, robots, Minecraft characters, etc.—are easy DIY options. The kids can get in on the homemade costume fun by helping with decoration details. Cheaper and way more fun than store-bought!

6. Labeled Bins

Cube organizers are everywhere these days, but yours can have a unique twist with DIY bins from your leftover moving boxes. Label them and keep them simple like the one seen below or dress them up with fabric for a look that will fool anyone into thinking they’re store-bought.

7. Pay It Forward

After fully unpacking, you’re well aware the moving process requires more boxes than you first imagine. Why not help out the next person in need? Put out an offer on social media and watch how many eager takers jump at the chance to take your moving boxes off your hands!

With a little creativity, there’s no end to the repurposed possibilities for your old moving boxes. And if moving day hasn’t arrived for you yet, there’s still time to let professionals help with the process. Call George today for a free quote and let the experts take it from there.