The last time my family and I moved homes, we didn’t have far to go. We found a home on the other side of town, and as moving day drew closer, I fell into a comfortable delusion: it’s only across town! This will be way easier than our cross country move. Telling myself that lie ended up costing us time and money, so learn from someone else’s mistakes, and heed these tips for cross-town moving.

1. Pack!

It seems so obvious, but a local move tempts you into thinking you have time to spare. And it’s partially true—the physical move may take only a fraction of the time of a long-distance move, but do you really want to be spending that extra time you are banking scrambling chaotically at the last minute?

2. Arrive Early

Since your new locale is so close, check to see if you can get in earlier than you thought. Even if you’re unable to actually move things in, you can measure spaces to see how your belongings will fit. And if you are able to take possession before you have to be out of your old place, take the opportunity to paint and deep clean, both of which are a total hassle after moving day.

3. Consider Non-movables

When you’re moving cross country, some of your belongings just don’t make the cut. In the past, I’ve had to leave behind or gift house plants, hair products, paints, and a perfectly good frozen pizza my family and I weren’t able to eat in time. But if you’re able to transport such items in your car during one of your (very few) trips, there’s no need to part ways with anything. Just be sure all the food items get taken care of together so you’re not left with mystery smells.

4. Hire Movers

There’s no sense in trying to be a hero. Do yourself a favor, and hire the movers! If you have bulky items or things you consider valuable, trying to cost-save by not hiring movers could end up costing you more in the long run. And while you turn it over to the pros, you can capitalize on the time saved by doing something more enjoyable, like mapping the layout of your new home.

Whether your move is across town or across state lines, you’ll want professionals in your corner making sure all the details are taken care of. Contact the experts at George today for your free quote!