When you made your 2020 New Year’s Resolution list, chances are you included something about your work. Whether it was to embark on a new career path, find more joy in your work, or keep your workspace organized, one of the smartest areas to embark on your resolution is your home office. Think about it: the easier it is to find things, the more you’ll be able to accomplish. The tidier the space, the clearer your mind. And if you actually enjoy being in your home office, your productivity will know no bounds!

Image Courtesy of Real Simple


Let’s start with your physical comfort in your home office. If you are attempting to tackle your to-do list from an uncomfortable desk chair or a seat that compromises your posture, the new year is time to make a change. Consider all the options and what might be right for your work routine; from yoga balls to standing desks, your choice doesn’t have to be traditional. And don’t skimp when it comes to where you’ll sit (or stand), especially if your home office is where you’ll be putting in lots of hours


It’s a simple truth: the less you have, the easier it is to stay organized. So consider what the Cloud can do for you. Digitizing as much as possible can help you cut down on the physical papers you have to keep around. And for those that you do keep, consider eliminating the traditional filing system, which probably has you cramming papers into vertical folders, never to see them again. Instead, opt for binders, which can be categorized simply and then easily flipped through.


Think vertical and utilize wall space in your home office. Shelving, whiteboards, and hanging filing systems can help organize you and keep your desk space clear. Also, consider how incorporating a device like an Echo Dot in your office could up your productivity. Instead of halting your workflow to write something down, telling Alexa to add an item to a list might be a simple way to keep you on pace and on track.


The personalized details in your home office are the elements that surprisingly might have the biggest effect on how much you can accomplish. Including plants, diffusers, pictures of loved ones, or whatever brings you joy will automatically make the space feel less sterile and more creativity-boosting. Also, don’t underestimate the power of natural light on your mood and by extension, your productivity!

No matter what your home office looks like currently, small changes can make a big difference. Start with just one of the tips above and see how you and your workflow are impacted; chances are you’ll be eager to tackle more once you reap the benefits of your revamped space. And if 2020 will bring you other big changes in the form of relocation, don’t forget to call the experts at George Moving and Storage to make your move as seamless as possible!