If design trend forecasts have you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll likely love hearing what’s on it’s way out as 2020 approaches. While some designs are going to feel outdated quickly, there are plenty of ways to update the looks without completely starting over.

Image Credit to Magnolia

Farmhouse Chic 

Chip and Joanna made this cozy style ubiquitous, but we see it fizzle out as the new year arrives. And with this design inspiration on its way out, so too go all sorts of trends which went hand in hand: shiplap, Edison bulbs, and barn doors, just to name a few. But never fear if this was your inspo of choice. You can begin working in more color (see our next trend on the way out) and leaning toward a more eclectic approach.


Grey on grey has had its decade, but designers are noticing a draw toward warmer neutrals and earth tones for paint colors and bold, primary colors for decor. (Burnt orange is already being seen as a hugely popular color). Once again, don’t worry if you just bathed your home in a fresh coat of grey. Begin pulling in bold colors through art and fabrics.

All White Kitchens 

White cabinets, subway tile, and white countertops seemed to be everywhere you looked over the past several years. But in 2020, you’ll see bolder choices being made. Black will be making a bold statement, for example. Black countertops and cabinets especially can elevate a kitchen to a moodier, more dramatic design and area already being seen in the trendiest designs. When you’re ready to play with your kitchen’s look, you don’t have to go straight for ripping on cabinets and countertop. Play with a boldly patterned backsplash and let that be your inspiration to go farther!

Trends come and go, and there’s no need to feel pressured to change your entire home to keep up. Instead, let your unique tastes guide your choices, give nods to the trends you find most appealing, and remember that your house should be the place you and your loved ones feel at home.