Hanging on to traditions will be more important this season than ever if you are moving from a cherished home you filled with memories. Enjoying favorite activities and adding a few new ones will help bridge the gap between the old and new. Try some of these tips for hanging on to the spirit of the season, even throughout your relocation.

Choose One Room to Preserve

If you are moving right in the middle of the holidays, choose the one room where your family makes the most holiday memories together to leave as intact as possible. Making this area last to pack and first to unpack will preserve the holiday spirit right up until you walk out the door and will help you start making new memories as soon as you move into your new space.

Forego Hosting

Even if your house is the place to be every year for Thanksgiving dinner, save yourself the stress of unrealistic expectations by foregoing hosting during your move. Instead, look for opportunities to make memories outside of your home, whether it’s traveling to a loved one’s for a meal or journeying out for a new tradition like seeing lights.


Even though winter is considered the down season for moving, moving on a holiday itself could affect the price you pay. For example, being conscientious of the time of year is essential if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for plane tickets. Research ahead of time, and plan for unexpected moving expenses. 

Hang on to the Holiday

If you’re moving right around a winter holiday, you might not be able to take part in all the traditions of a normal year, but especially if you have kids, think about the smaller ways you can still hang on to the holiday spirit. Playing favorite seasonal tunes while you pack or ensuring familiar baked goods are still available will be a small but substantial way to enjoy the time of year despite your move.

Don’t let your holiday move put a damper on the season. Remember, there are still ways you can make the season feel festive, and you’ll have new traditions and memories to make in your new home once you get settled in. Let George be a moving tradition that brings only happy memories; call for your free quote!