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Imagine all the chaos of moving- boxes strewn about, your favorite items packed away, complete routine disruption. Now imagine the same scene, but you have zero preparation for or understanding of what’s going on. Welcome to how our pets must feel during the moving process. The stress of moving is just as real (if not more intense) for our furry friends, but there’s a lot you can do to calm everyone’s nerves. 

Before the Big Day

Waiting till the last minute for anything in life usually doesn’t pay off, and the same can definitely be said for preparing your pet to relocate. Speaking from experience, it is not pretty if you wait till the day of the move to get your kitty into her carrier for the first time. Prepare her by taking quick trips in the carrier and the car weeks before your planned relocation. You’ll also want to make sure your pet’s collar information is up to date before the big day. Make sure your cell number is accurate and your new address is listed. Finally, scope out the new neighborhood if possible; are there aggressive dogs next door? Is there a dog park nearby? The fewer surprises you’ll have once you’re moved in, the more prepared you’ll all be to get settled in right away. 

Moving Day

Have a safe plan for your pet before movers arrive (when the front door will be repeatedly opening and closing). For cats, who are more skittish by nature, a sequestered area complete with all of the necessities is best to prevent escape attempts. Or you might consider calling in a favor and having a trusted friend’s pet sit during the craziness of the day. You’ll have to consider your pet’s individual personality and make the choices which will be most comforting and safe for him or her.

Safe Haven

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, set up a room or a closed off area that’s just his or hers and free of any packing remnants. Bring out the familiar toys and comfort items. Cat parents: don’t be surprised if your kitty hides away for several days. Until she finds a sense of familiarity, you’ll probably find her seeking refuge in a deep, dark corner under a bed. Both dogs and cats have been known to dash off soon after a move in an effort to find their familiar home, so keep this instinct in mind and take precautions. The quicker you can develop some semblance of routine (for pets and yourself!), the better.

Moving is known to be one of life’s biggest stressors; know that fear and anxiety exist for your pets, as well. Your four legged family members will appreciate all the careful consideration you take beforehand to set them at ease. One way you can set your mind at ease is by choosing the best movers around. Let George Moving and Storage take the reigns for all of your relocation needs and make your move hassle-free.