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Many families capitalize on summer time and school being out whenever it’s time to move. If relocating is around the corner and a change in school districts is something your move brings, here are some tips to consider in July to make this transition easier for you and your school-goers come August.

Find Friends

Spend some time going on family walks around your new neighborhood and noticing other children in the area. If your son or daughter is able to find a friend close in age, chances are the first school day will bring a bit of excitement as he or she looks forward to seeing the friend in class. As an added bonus, easy friendships can be formed with the parents of your children’s friends!

Lay of the Land

If possible, arrange a guided tour of the school which your child will accompany you on. After our most recent move, the principal of my son’s new school showed us around and made sure to include details my first grader was thrilled to find out (“Here’s where you’ll come to get a special prize for being a good citizen!”). Some first day anxiety was alleviated because he not only recognized his surroundings, but he also had a familiar face to spot during the school day.

Get Connected

Before the school year begins, find activities to immerse your child in which will get him or her connected with new schoolmates. Whether it’s classes offered through the local library or joining a sports team, a quick Google will help you find ways to ensure the first day of the school year isn’t the first time your child has fun with potential classmates. If your schedule allows, you might even consider volunteering at your child’s school or with the PTA to further make connections which will help you both transition a bit easier.

New beginnings can be daunting, but jumping in and seeking out ways to get connected in your new surroundings will make the transition smoother for everyone. Make George Moving a part of your smooth transition by calling them for all of your storage and moving needs.