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With temperatures finally turning and a market with plenty of options, there’s no better time of year to move than summer. While ideal, there are some tips to keep in mind to make the process as smooth as possible.


The actual process of packing during summertime might take a bit more planning than other times of the year. Warmer weather often means more gatherings with family and friends, and less free time could put you in a crunch for getting organized for a move. On top of that, the summer months mean your school age kids will be around the house (which could mean more hands to help or more bodies to get in the way). Start packing as early as possible and work little by little to avoid having to pass on fun, warm weather activities.  

Mind the Heat

The obvious concern to mind during a summer move is heat. Electronics don’t take kindly to high temperatures (which are even higher inside a moving truck) and neither will things like wax candles, so plan ahead as far as heat-sensitive items are concerned. And of course, don’t underestimate what heat does for all the people involved in the process. You, your loved ones, and any help you’ve enlisted will appreciate water you have readily available and utilizing the AC (or plenty of portable fans). Your best bet is to get an early start in the day to try and beat the heat, or at least get a jump on it.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Because this time of year is peak moving season, rogue movers are an unfortunate reality to be aware of. Deposits are typical in the moving industry, especially for the busier time of year, but run for the hills if movers claim they will only accept cash or they require an exorbitant percentage of the total cost. As with any other contracted purchase, you’ll want to read through your contract carefully and before moving day arrives to comb through for any details that seem unclear. Ultimately, for total peace of mind, you can avoid the hassle altogether and let Red’s be your moving solution: high-quality service you can count on at an affordable rate, no matter the time of year!