Now that 2018 is over, lots of great data is coming out about market trends and prices. We thought it might be helpful to highlight a few of these stats so that it can prepare you for your move to The Steel City with solid expectations and a budget in place.

Pittsburgh has been getting some recent press about being an affordable option for young creatives that aren’t able to buy into other metropolitan areas.

Here are some more important stats to remember:


  • The median price of sold homes in Pittsburgh is $145,770
  • Median home value is $125,700 which is a 6% increase from last year
  • The median price of homes listed is the highest out of the metrics at $185,000. That number is still relatively affordable for city-based home
  • The homeownership rate is 47% based on data from the Census Bureau


  • Average rent is $1,250 for a place in Steel City. Living in Troy Hill, Strip District or Bluff, will cost you $500 to $600 more than the average.


  • Internet will cost you around $74/month


  • The daily food minimum for Pittsburgh is $10.51, which is less than the national average of $11.60. So, you’ll enjoy Pittsburgh’s culinary experience for less than the average city.


  • Bus service is free in downtown Pittsburgh – in the golden triangle and the North Shore
  • For other areas – pay $2.50 to ride with a ConnectCard or $2.75 with cash. An unlimited pass is $97.50/month or $1,072.50/year


  • Income tax: Pittsburgh has a city-level income tax at the rate of 3%. They come up with that rate by combining a 1% wage tax and a 2% school tax.
  • Property tax: taxes Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, have an average effective rate of 2.16%.

For the full report, visit SmartAssets. We hope this was helpful as you plan your move to The Steel city. And, as always our team is ready to answer any questions you might have throughout your move and beyond.