It’s sometimes hard to see the silver-lining when a family situation or new job has required you to move during the holidays. With holidays being a stressful time of year, in general, adding a move can sometimes be a difficult task. But, over here at George – we are glass half-full-types of people – so we are going to break-down the top ways you could be saving big money when moving during the holiday season.

Motivated Buyers

Buyers that are trying to sell during the winter months, are typically in the same kind of situation – needing to move fast. They are typically more motivated to negotiate or entertain your requests. Not that you should take advantage of that, but it’s a factor to consider when submitting an offer.

Motivated Agents

The holidays are typically the slowest time for real estate agents, so you may be able to negotiate a better referral fee. This could end up saving you thousands in the long run. Not to mention, you may get more attention from a real estate agent during this time of year because they are less busy.

Less Competition

With less people looking for homes in the winter months, you can expect less bidding wars when you do find the home you want. The homeowners may also give your offer a more serious look during the winter months, since they will receive less offers in November and December – which could work out really well for you.

Lower Prices

Not only will there be motivated buyers and less competition during the holidays – home prices are historically the lowest in December. There’s no guarantee of this, but it’s a good rule o thumb.

Better Moving Dates

November and December is the slow time for the moving industry, which means better moving date options. If you can get moved in quicker, it could mean saving money on the front or back end of your move.

And, as always – we at George are ready to make this next move as stress-free as possible. No matter the season, we are always here and ready to offer free, no-obligation moving estimates. Wishing you happy holidays this season, whether you’re moving or staying put.