If you just moved, you might be wondering who lives in your neighborhood. It’s always a nice surprise to learn that there are families similar to your family close by. Maybe potential playmates for your kids? Someone to sip wine with on the front porch? Or maybe just some people to invite over for a spontaneous BBQ. But, how do you ensure you’re the kind of neighbor people want to spend time with? Here are some tips for how you can set the tone and make a good first and lasting impression.

1.  Do a Drop and Hi. Within the first few weeks of getting settled, consider dropping a small baked good or local treat with a card that includes your phone number and name. A “looking forward to meeting you” type note is always nice if you’re unable to talk face-to-face.

2.  Host Something. Once you are on first name basis with a few of your neighbors, consider hosting a small meet and greet event. Do something outside like a BBQ to keep things simple and relaxed.

3.  Be Tidy. Nothing is worse than a sloppy neighbor who never mows or constantly has trash in their yard. Be sure to invest in outdoor hose hiders, bins for the patio and take time for lawn care maintenance.

4.  Help When You Can. It’s always such a nice gesture if you help your neighbor with bringing in their trash can or ask if you can help carry groceries, etc. Notice your neighbor struggling with a home chore? Ask if you can help or suggest they borrow one of your tools. Being considerate goes a long way.

5.  Don’t be Too Nosey. No need to ask your neighbor about cars in their driveway or things that take place in their backyard – asking about such things may be over-stepping their privacy.

6.  Exchange Numbers. It’s important to exchange numbers, especially if you or your neighbor may be traveling. You can then notify them if you see anything suspicious happening.

Good neighbors become friends and always watch out for each other. With these tips, you’ll find yourself with a good community of close friends in no time. As always, our team at George is ready to make your next move as smooth and as stress-free as possible. Call us anytime when you’re ready to make your next move a reality.