As you consider your next move. Keep in mind there are some things to consider before hiring your next mover. At George we believe when our customers are informed, they can make better decisions for their family.

1.  We are All Created Equal: Movers come in many shapes and sizes – which means our services, products, operations and customer experience is all different. This does make it difficult to compare apples-to-apples when reviewing moving quotes. The best piece of advice is to ensure everything is outlined in the quote including: valuation, your responsibility, packing materials, timeline, if the quote is binding or non-binding, what is expected of you on moving day, etc. You need to be certain you understand what you’re buying is what you need.

2.  You Can’t Tell Who is Reputable: If you’re struggling to figure out if you’re talking to a mover with a good reputation, here are a few ways to ensure a company has a long history of quality and professionalism.

a.  Check to see if they’re a ProMover at

b.  Review their Better Business Bureau Score at:

c.  Ask for their moving license

d.  Review their online customer reviews and ratings

3.  You Should Always Get a Quote Online: Online quotes are good for ball-park quote figures, but shouldn’t be used when getting the most accurate quote of what your move will cost. Beware, some movers will offer online quotes that are non-binding, which means that your moving cost could skyrocket on moving day. These types of quotes are what give our industry at bad name. So, be careful and opt for an in-home estimate and request a binding estimate so that you can be sure what your move will cost.

And, as always – our team at George is already ready to help you with your upcoming move. We offer free, no-obligation in home estimates so that you can be ready for the next chapter in your life. We have the experience and reputation you are looking for – give us a call.