If you’re moving to Pittsburgh for a new job, you might be trying to figure out if you want to rent or buy. Both obviously have their pros and cons – but you might want to look a little closer at renting in Pittsburgh because of its affordability.

In May, Zillow released a new survey that ranked The Steel City as number one on its list of top 10 most affordable markets for renters for Q1 2018. Zillow looked at the nation’s top 50 metro areas and gave Pittsburgh the number one spot and here’s why:

  • Locals are paying 21.9% of their household income on rent in Pittsburgh
  • Renters are spending an average of $1,082/month on rent in Pittsburgh
  • A renter earning the U.S. median household income and living in the typical U.S. home should expect to pay 28.8 percent of their income on rent
  • Pittsburgh’s percent of income rate is almost 8% lower than the national average

Next on the list was St. Louis with a median income spent on rent at 22.2%, then Oklahoma city coming in at 22.8%, which is still significantly under the national average of 28.8 percent.

If you’d like to see the full list, you can visit Zillow’s website