It’s summer time in PA, which means it’s time to enjoy the many greenspaces available in and around the city. We thought we’d do some research for you so that you could ensure you’re hitting up the best parks that the city has to offer. Here’s Trip Advisor’s list of best voted parks in the city and why they’re local favorites.

#1: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Voted #1 out of 22 parks in Pittsburgh, it is holding onto a five-star rating because of its rain or shine options – inside there’s a popular butterfly room and café and on the outside are the botanical gardens. They also have beautiful exhibits over the holidays. Lots of plants, trees, fountains and waterfalls grace the outdoor park. You can buy tickets in advanced for around $17. You can also sign up for tours, if you want additional information on the plant species.

#2: Mount Washington

Rated #2 on Trip Advisor’s list of best parks in the city – this popular park is located directly south of downtown Pittsburgh. There are many options to the top including an incline ride, road or trails. Enjoy gorgeous views of the city and restaurants when you reach the top. Day or night this is a must- view area for anyone new to the city.

#3: Schenley Park

Located in the heart of Oakland, near Pitts campus – this is a great place to jog or walk. They have paved and unpaved trails and strollers are easy to push around the area. You will enjoy the lock bridges, serenity and romance in this park that many people call their favorite place in Pittsburgh.

#4: Point State Park

This historic site and park was a strategic spot during the French and Indian war. The park offers beautiful views of the city and outdoor recreation options. Enjoy a cool place to view the river – sit by the large fountain for a little mist. Be sure to visit the museum if you need more of a cool down.

#5: Frick Park
Voted as one of the top parks, this urban park has about 20 miles of trails and mountain biking. There are several playgrounds and a dog park.

We love celebrating our city – if you have other parks you’d add to the list, please comment below. Our team is always here if you ever need to move in or around the city.