When you’re searching for a home, there are lots of things you SHOULD notice or things you DO notice. But, what are the things you can look over? It may take some vision and creativity to ignore these things, but it will help you be objective when home hunting.

Walls – Paint and Wallpaper

This is probably the most difficult thing to ignore. But, walls can always, always be updated. Have some vision as you go into each room. Imagine wall or hideous wallpaper totally off the walls. Try to see the room’s strengths. If the walls are dark, imagine the space with white walls. Think about the structure, windows and ceiling height. Walls are super easy to change and update. You may be the only person to look past some outdated paisley wallpaper when no one else can. It will be your gain and their loss!

Gross Carpet

Although this can be a BIG turn-off and may be an indication of the overall care of a home, carpet CAN be cleaned or ripped up. If you prefer hardwood floors, carpet can be something you ignore. Also, if the stains are too much, you can add in the cost to replace them for a type that you’d like. If the previous owners had pets, you might want to do that anyways. Carpet doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for you.

Oddly Used Rooms
Don’t let weird use of rooms deter you from a home. Get creative with the layout and figure out how you would use the room. That front room doesn’t have to be a dining room, it could be a den, the workout room an office – you can always re-label rooms. Don’t get stuck in how the spaces are being used today. Think about how the space could work for you!

Too Much of Their Stuff

Pictures, décor, colors, knickknacks are all things that make home tours less appealing. But again, you’ll need to vision to ignore that weird piece of artwork over the fireplace or their collection of troll dolls on the mantle – but again you may be the only one with vision. Imagine you’re Joanna or Chip Gaines going into a fixer upper and do your best to look at the home’s potential.

Once you find your dream home, give our team at George a call and we can do the heavy lifting.