The movers have pulled away, you are ready to start the process of unpacking (if you didn’t hire George to assist you with that part) and you feel lost. It’s understandable. Your life is in boxes. One of the best moving hacks you’ll ever get is to be intentional about creating an “unpacking kit.” This kit can be put into a clear plastic tote with a label, so it’s easy to find amongst the boxes. And, here’s what you should plan on putting inside:

·  Pain reliever (or medicines)

·  Important papers (closing documents, birth certificates, social security cards, etc.)

·  Trash bags

·  Box cutter

·  Hand soap

·  A roll of toilet paper

·  Paper towels

·  Paper plates

·  Plastic utensils

·  Shower curtain and liner

·  Shampoo and conditioner

·  Sheets

·  All purpose cleaning spray

·  Snacks

·  Pet food

·  Make-up

·  Chargers

·  Lap top or iPad

Having these items at your fingertips will help you to quickly get yourself unpacked. If you decide to ditch the boxes and just go get some pizza, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

Moving can be stressful, so it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew in one day. As George we always try to help make your next transition an easy one, if you would like to talk to someone on our team about our packing and unpacking services you can call us or contact us online.