Whether you’re planning a move, just moved into a fixer upper or want to upgrade your current home – you may be looking for tips on the best bang for your buck when it comes to renovation costs. Being a mover, we love coming alongside of you and offering tips for how you can best make any transition ahead a smooth one. Trulia’s Design Panel has some good advice for how to update for under $10,000.

Kitchen Updates Worth the Price Tag

Kitchens are on the list of top things people plan on upgrading in their home. The best place to invest is on the countertops – a good tip is to check out a local stone supplier to see if they’re able to sell you any remnants for a discount. Updating your counter tops to marble or quartz is an easy and cost-effective way to instantly change the look of your kitchen. The second tip is to hand your kitchen cabinets professional spray-painted – skip trying to do this yourself or pricing custom cabinet options, painting will give your cabinets the facelift that you need, without the costly price tag. Consider doing a white, if your kitchen is small or if you want to add color, consider navy if you have an island.

Bathroom Renos – Tile is Worth The Price Tag

The second place people tend to want to upgrade, are bathrooms. The Trulia experts acknowledge that tile is the most cost-effective way to give your bathroom a lift. Consider adding it to the floors, shower, even backslash behind the sinks. Classic white subway tile is an inexpensive option that will give your bathroom an instant updated look.

Bedrooms That Sell Themselves

If you have flooring that is less that desirable in your bedroom, the Trulia experts recommend that you add a rug as an added design layer.  Paint is also a secret weapon that many people forget about. If you have a small bedroom, consider paint that’s lighter to open up the space. You can consider some wallpaper for an accent wall if you feel like adding some texture and personality to your room. Consider using wallpaper that’s neutral, so that if/when you consider selling it won’t be too much for a prospective buyer.

As your preferred Pittsburgh Mover, we enjoy helping you make this transition a smooth one. Good luck with your upcoming renovation and we hope you find ways to save some money, while adding value to your home!