If you have a move planned for the holiday season, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the logistics. If you’ve hired us to help you with the moving part, that’s a huge burden you can mark off of you list. If you still need a mover, we would love to offer you a free moving quote and be concerned for the job.

We’ve been around the block (literally) with families who have needed to move during the holiday season, so here are some of our best tips for how to make it a little bit more stress free.


Don’t get too ambitious with your holiday décor this year, but save aside some essential items and family traditions. Place them in one designated box and then mark the box with Christmas or holiday stickers. Notify the movers that the box will need to be easily accessible when you arrive in your home. If there are valuable or collectible items – and you can take them with you – put them in your car, so you’ll have them on hand. Remember things like ornaments, table linens, stockings and wreaths are quick ways to make your home feel festive quickly.


Yes, that’s right! Have your Christmas tree waiting for you at your new place – so you can cut out the hunt and delivery. Companies like Green Valley Christmas Trees allows you to pick the exact tree type you’d like and schedule a delivery date. The tree will arrive at your front door! You can also order wreaths, if you don’t feel like going out and buying one this year.


This isn’t the year to find and wrap everything by hand. Do yourself a favor and buy an Amazon Prime membership for $99 and ship everything to family for free. You can even order the week of Christmas. They will offer a gift bag and card for an extra $3.


Order food from a company like Hello Fresh or your local Whole Foods grocery store (pre-made). This isn’t the year to go all Betty Crocker on your family. Don’t feel guilty about cutting a few corners, it will give you more time to get settled into your new home and enjoy the season with your family.

Make some memories this season in your new home and leave the stress behind. We hope these tips have been helpful as you think through your upcoming move.