Sometimes the decision to move may take time to process. There are a lot of reasons people decide to move, As you think through your current situation, here are some factors to consider if you’re considering a large life change.

You’re Feeling the Squeeze

One of the top reasons why people move is for extra space. If you’ve just starting a stay-at-home business or if you’ve had another child, this could be a reason to consider a move. Sometimes a home just doesn’t have enough space.

Someone Has Moved Out

If you’ve just said goodbye to your kids or if you’ve experienced a large life change – the number of people living in your home may have changed. This is a very obvious time to re-evaluate your home’s size and location.

You Hate Your Seasons

If every winter you get depressed or want to book a 6-month long vacation – you may need to re-evaluate where you’re living and think about how you could find a home in a place with seasons that are more compatible with your lifestyle and health needs.

Your Medical Needs Change

If you get diagnosed with an chronic-illness or allergy that is made worse in the home or place where you live – that could be a sure-tell sign that it may time to evaluate a move.

Meeting Someone Special

This goes without saying, taking the next step with someone special could always mean it could be time for a move.


If you are retiring from your work, it should be a time when you re-evaluate your home situation. Whether that’s because of new life plans or new budgets. Retirement many times triggers a change in lifestyle.

Once you determine if it’s time to move, your next call should be to a realtor and then a mover. We would love to be considered as the mover of your choice.