If you just moved to Pittsburgh, you may be wondering where the locals hang out. Here are a few places that are home to some of the most creative minds in the city. If you need inspiration, a jolt of something new or just want to be around like-minded artists – here are a few places and spaces that are shaking up the scene.


Have you heard of the concept of a co-working space? Well, a local firm based out of the Strip District had an idea – to create an after-hours shared social space that has turned an empty lot into a bustling members-only club. Once you pay your dues, BYOB and BOYM (meat) to enjoy a night of relaxation as you meet some new faces and chill under the stars.

Daily Bread & Refresh

This place has a dual purpose and mission, which makes it a unique stumble-upon. The Daily Bread side offers high-quality apparel and caps from vintage fabrics and Refresh completes the look with their line of custom sneakers. They keep the atmosphere alive and creative at night when it turns into a performance venue for up and coming artists. It’s blending the art, fashion and music scenes together to start an interesting conversation that maybe you’ll want to be a part of.

Tech Shop

If you have an idea brewing and you have the skills (but not the tools or space) to make it happen, the Tech Shop might be worth checking out. This maker’s space features 16,000 square feet of space for machinery and crafting. They host how-to classes, so that you can hone your skills. Visiting on a 21+ night, may be a good way to inter-mingle as groups gather for drinks and ideation.


If you want some inspiration, you should check out the three-lot block in the central North side that is the home of artist Randy Gilson. Since buying this land in 1996 for $10K on a credit card, he has turned it into a public art display. Just believe us, it is something to definitely see.