As your favorite Pittsburgh moving company, we think it’s only fair to put together a list of things that will help you get settled more quickly. Here are your survival tools that will help you blend into the ‘burgh.

The Slang

Don’t leave home without a print out of this quick guide in your pocket or you might stick out like a sore thumb. Be sure to practice these words at home before using in public, to make sure you get the accent down.


The Facts

Know the basics about the city, learn something new or explore new parts of the city that make it unique. Check out some of these fun facts and be amazed by some the city’s rich history and unexpected claims to fame.

List of Free Things

At some point, you might be ready to tighten the reins on your budget. Keep this list of free thing to do handy for a time when you want to get out, but want to spend less.

Get Familiar With The Steelers

Know at least the basics, how many times they've won the Super Bowl and be able to name a few Hall of Famers. That way you can hang with the locals when you get into a passionate debate this fall (because it’s going to happen).

Bookmark These Spots

When in doubt, check out these key media and information sources for a quick guide on what’s going on in the city. Whether it’s the city’s hot topics, community events or tips for living in the city – you will be happy you connected with these sites.


Visit Pittsburgh

Living Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

Call a Local

If you ever have questions about the city, where to go, where to eat or how to quickly get settled – we are here to help. We’ve been moving people to the Pittsburgh area for years and are experts at helping everyone feel welcomed.

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