Thanks to a Baldwin native, and founder of OrderUp, for bringing food delivery service to the Pittsburgh area.

Chris Jeffrey, the company’s co-founder, started OrderUp in Baltimore in 2009. The company gives area-restaurants access to a platform that connects them to customers via an app. They use independent drivers and allow customers to order food online and have it delivered for a small fee.

So far 50 restaurants are on-board in the Pittsburgh area, including:

·  Franktuary

·  Nine on Nine

·  Penn Avenue Fish Company

·  Chipotle

·  Noodles & Company

How it works:

1.  Customer places an order via the OrderUp App

2.  OrderUp sends the order to the restaurant

3.  A driver is notified when the food is about ready

4.  OrderUp collects the money

5.  OrderUp keeps a percentage of the total

6.  The customer pays a delivery fee

Their goal is to deliver food within 35-minutes of ordering. Pittsburgh was an attractive location for this technology because of the progressive food and restaurant scene. There are a number of restaurants that don’t have delivery service – so this solves a problem.

Download the OrderUp app today and check it out. If you have another business you think we should highlight, please leave a comment below.