If you’re in a packing frenzy, you might want to slow down for a second and be sure you have a plan for moving day. It might seem to make sense that everything needs to go in a box (since you’re moving), but it will be important that you take certain things with you. Some of these things might be obvious, but better safe than sorry!

  • Medication: Be sure to keep medication that you take daily in a place that is easily accessible. If your medications must be refrigerated, be sure to have a cooler handy. 
  • Important Documents: Keep important paperwork in a portable filing cabinet or file. Things like account numbers, bank statements, pass ports, social security cards and birth certificates – should never be packed in a moving truck. Keep them with you at all times in case you should need something at your destination.
  • Plants & Pets: OK, this might go without saying…but you might be surprised. Plants and pets are not permitted on the moving truck. So, keep room in your car to tote your pet iguana and cactus to your new home.
  • Bank Information: Things like checks, bank statements, ledgers and money – should never be packed on a moving truck. Keep them in a separate bag or safe where you can access them easily.
  • Jewelry: If you have jewelry that is high-value, it’s recommended that you keep them with you during the move process. Take them with you in a portable safe or jewelry box.
  • Chargers: Take your phone and computer chargers with you to your destination, so you will always have a way to communicate with your moving company and family.
  • High Value Electronics: Do you have a $500 camera or a laptop that could be easily stashed away in your car? It might be smart to keep those types of items with you during the move process. Plus, you might want to document your move or order pizza online.

As your preferred Pittsburgh mover, we’re dedicated to helping you make your next move a breeze. Give us a call if you ever have questions about what you should or shouldn’t pack on the truck.