If you’re just about to move or have recently moved into your new home, you’re likely about to dive into setting your stuff up. And with any electronics come cables and wires. Messy cables and wires is a way to make the house look messy in a jiffy. So here are some great ways to keep the cables and wires in check, from cheap and easy to tricky and pricier.

Cables ties and cord management. Nobody likes the looks of crazy wires hanging all over the place, whether it’s from the television or computer or wherever. Buying some cable ties or cable management system from your local department store is a cheap way to keep things tidy.

Run the cables and wires along trim, baseboards, etc. Depending on the area of the home and the angle, you can sometimes run things along the trim and keep them relatively hidden. Or in some spots, you may be able to pinch the wire underneath the trim and the carpet.

Install the wires through the wall, floor, or ceiling. This option is certainly going to take the most time, and if you hire it done will be a bit more expensive. On the flipside, it’s also the cleanest and most polished way to run your wires. Granted, it’s harder to replace a bad cable or wire that way, but if shielded correctly this shouldn’t be an issue down the road.

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