If you’re getting ready to settle into a new home, you may already be dreaming about how you want to decorate it. And while there’s scads of Pinterest pins and blogs out there, you may be wanting to get a little creative. If you’re the more eccentric type when it comes to decorating, try out these bold design ideas.

Bold Accents. Your accent color in each room is almost like your secret weapon. If you’re wanting a more calm and collected tone, going with neutrals or mellow colors are great. But if you’re looking to get a little crazy, go with something off the beaten path. Some brighter colors contrasted with more neutral paint colors will make your room pop. Just be careful not to make too strong of a focal point...unless you want that crazy accent to be the focal point.

Use Your Surroundings. For instance, if you live in a more wooded area, or want to create that feel in your home, pull in some tree limbs and start using them for decor, or use a tree stump for a coffee table. If you use some natural elements mixed in with modern or more classic accent pieces, it can create a great vibe.

Unique Trim Colors. Painting the trim in certain rooms a color other than white or wood-stained is always a great way to spice up a room a bit. But don’t get too crazy. Unless you’ve got an extremely unique sort of vibe in your house, purple or aqua trim is not going to be realistic for the long-haul. Still coordinating the big move? Let our Pittsburgh moving pros help solve your problems. Give us a call for a free quote today at 800-810-2635.
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