A recent study showed that the “jobless” rate in Pittsburgh continues to drop. At last count, the percentage was at 5.1, which is down from 5.4 in October and 5.7 in September. Considering these recent drastic drops and the local average at 5.8, Pittsburgh is showing great strides in employment. It’s a great city all around, but these recent numbers show the promise of stable employment as well. Here’s a few booming industries in Pittsburgh.


When Apple and Google both show up to plant campuses among your city’s landscape, you know you’re a growing technological city. There’s plenty of educational opportunity and employment opportunity in Pittsburgh, if you’re into the tech scene.


While Pittsburgh used to be a steel manufacturing giant, healthcare has recently taken over as top dog in the city. The city’s largest employer, in fact, is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. And with the recent shifts in health care coverage across the nation, there will likely be even more health care facilities springing up over the coming years.


The condiment powerhouse Heinz spring up in Pittsburgh in the mid 1800’s, and has only growing stature ever since. The company, based out of Pittsburgh, is now a Fortune 500 company and employs thousands of folks in the metro area.

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